Fresh Corpses for Canadian Thanksgiving!

October 8, 2006

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend and Meaghan Walker Williams is never more thankful than when she has a corpse to drag. She’s very upset that no one is paying a attention to her latest trophies.

So… just how many Indian kids have to die… before bloggers/canadians actually give a crap?It’s obviously got to be more than 2 dead, and 2 in the burn victim unit? I’ve posted, 1, 2, 3 stories including a video pod-cast. Not a single mention by any other blog.

Oh wait… it’s Thanksgiving Weekend… Which most people in North America celebrate as the Colonial be-all and end-all Holiday of the year. So maybe that’s it. Ok.. here.. Just imagine me reaching my fingers out at you past your computer screens and snapping them a few times

*snap snap snap* Wake Up People!…

Dead Kids!

On A Reserve!

Totally Preventable!

Living in Death-Trap Homes!


Do ya wanna help stop it from happening again?….


Do you wanna stuff your faces full of turkey and cranberry, overdose on tryptophan, and sleep it off till monday morning, and try not to think about something as horrible as little kids
trapped in a burning building, crying out for help, while dozens of people stood outside and could do nothing but stand there, and hold themselves from going in as the inferno took the lives of these little ones.


A little linking action would be nice here.

*grumble grumble grumble.


I’m so way pissed about all this you don’t want to even talk to me right now.

Race hustling and corpse dragging. Truly pitiful, but all too predictable.